Our clients require effective solutions to complex problems. They also demand high-quality results that maximize value while minimizing incremental burden on management resources. We take great pride not only in the quality of our work but also the efficiency with which we perform. We staff each project leanly with a focus on efficiency and creativity to deliver top value for our clients’ money.


Successfully closing a complex, cross-border transaction requires teamwork, coordination and focused attention on our clients’ essential commercial objectives. With proven track records in investment banking, management consulting, law and auditing, we have the ability to lead, coordinate and manage the work of lawyers, accountants and other outside advisors so that efforts are optimized and directed toward the cost-effective realization of project goals.

Core Competencies

On each project, PriceHorne:

  • Utilizes investment banking, management consulting, legal, auditing and research expertise together with access to a broad network of industry and academic experts to provide high-quality services that are carefully customized to address our clients’ individual needs
  • Supports the execution of financial, management, legal and environmental due diligence using a third-party framework to ensure that significant transaction issues are promptly identified and appropriately resolved
  • Provides negotiation assistance to ensure that our clients’ commercial and risk management objectives are achieved
  • Offers post-transaction management support services to (i) minimize risk in M&A transactions and (ii) facilitate the early realization of long-term strategic objectives
  • Brings a sophisticated understanding of cultural, linguistic and social issues that often arise in cross-border transactions between Japanese and US firms with the goal of promoting trust and understanding that will facilitate timely project completion and lay the foundation for a successful long-term relationship