Global Management Support Services

PriceHorne works closely with clients in a hands-on manner to provide Global Management Support Services. Our services include strategic consulting services, transaction advisory services, and post-transaction management support services. We listen closely to understand client needs for each project and tailor our services to fulfill their goals. In every task we undertake, we strive to deliver results in an efficient and confidential manner that exceeds expectations.

Industry Experience

Communications Entertainment Food & Beverage Industrial / Manufacturing

Medical Devices Real Estate Energy & Utilities Financial Services

Health, Wellness & Beauty Information Technology Pharmaceuticals

Strategic Consulting Services

PriceHorne helps clients prepare to implement actionable strategic plans for international business growth. We work along side existing project teams to bring a new perspective, eliminate bottlenecks, and meet deadlines. Services are tailored for each project but often include:
  • Analyzing overseas markets, industries, regulatory environment and competitive positioning
  • Arranging study missions for project leaders, including visits to companies, universities and trade shows
  • Identifying potential business opportunities that match strategic objectives
  • Identifying synergy potential between existing business units and transaction targets

Transaction Advisory Services

PriceHorne does not broker ideas. We help clients turn conceptual opportunities into successful realities. We take a long-term view of success that is rooted in understanding our clients’ strategic objectives and potential synergies with existing businesses. Types of Services Services are tailored for each project but may include:
  • Helping the client determine the appropriate transaction strategy to achieve its objectives, including funding university research, licensing, strategic investments, alliances & joint ventures, or mergers & acquisitions
  • Identifying potential targets that would achieve the strategic and synergy objectives of the transaction
  • Assisting the client with approaching the target
  • Assisting the client with negotiations, due diligence, and various closing procedures
Analysis of Asset Acquisition Scenarios  

Management Support Services

PriceHorne helps clients reduce risk and increase probability of success from their long-term overseas investments. We provide continuing support from the moment a transaction closes until our clients achieve their long-term objectives. Services are tailored for each project but often include:
  • Providing active oversight by attending investee company Board and executive management meetings
  • Reviewing corporate governance structure, management framework, organization structure & reporting matrix
  • Supporting collaboration among leaders of different legal entities within the Group to achieve synergy goals
  • Developing, implementing & monitoring the new post-transaction business plan
  • Assisting headquarters with executive evaluation, training & development
  • Supporting the launch of new strategic initiatives
  Analysis of PriceHorne Management Support Services